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Anyone can join our agency and if you think your pet has what it takes then get in touch today in just a few simple steps.

Step 1: Get some photos of your pet on a plain background, headshots, sitting, standing, side view and full body. Action and personality shots are also important and if your pet can work with props (holding a lead, wearing a bandana etc) then send them over too.

Step 2: You can complete the form below by following the button below.

Step 3: Fill out the form. Please put as much info as possible as this will help decide what type of work is suitable for your pet.

Step 4: Take a video of your pet in action, showing off all their basic commands sit/down/stay/top tricks and commands. Your pet needs to be able to take direction from approximately five to ten feet away from you.

Step 5: Email the membership form, the photos and the video (also known as a showreel) to or

Step 6: An agent will review your application and get in touch as soon as possible.

Ready to go?

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Is there a cost to join the agency?

There is no cost to join the agency and be featured on our website. A one-off Payment of £40 for website maintenance and administration will be taken from your first job payment.

Can my pet become a model?

Your pet’s profile will be assessed by lots of agents, photographers & of course film directors who are looking for animal hire for their specific brief. All of our work is always paid, which varies – all depending on the job.

What skills do animal models need?

A full list will be sent after we have reviewed your application.

Do you take a commission?

Standard commission rates are 30%.

Is travel covered?

This depends on the job brief.


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