Pet Therapy Hire

Animals available for pet therapy events

Here at Urban Paws UK we offer animals that are available to hire as therapy pets. We rent out litters of puppies, kittens, sheep, and even alpacas for a variety of pet therapy events.

These events can range from children’s birthday parties to workplace socials focused on promoting mental wellbeing. ‘Puppy parties’ have become a particularly popular trend, as guests love to unwind by interacting with a whole host of gorgeous animals. Pet therapy events including parties are fast becoming a beloved and adorable way to relieve stress and tension.

What are pet therapy animals?

puppy and kitten therapy puppies on the job

Therapy puppies at Barclays

Our therapy animals are employed to relieve stress and promote mental wellbeing during tough times. They should not be confused with mental support animals, which are specially trained to help people with specific mental illnesses.

The animals we use are untrained and are merely there to give and be given attention. Therapy events greatly benefit the animals, as it teaches them valuable socialisation skills from a young age.

Every group is overseen by a professional to ensure that the animals are handled appropriately. Children will always be supervised and puppy pens and soft flooring can be hired at an extra cost.


What are the benefits of interacting with animals?

a sheep like the ones available for pet therapy events

Credit: Pexels – Trinity Kubassek

Interacting with pets has been proven to relieve stress and can improve short-term anxiousness. Previous clients have found pet therapy to be very effective as we’ve seen companies hire our animals during difficult periods like exam seasons and financial year ends with excellent results. Various studies have explored the health benefits of interacting with animals as well as the advantages of addressing stress in the workplace.

For example, a report by Healthline found that pet therapy could reduce blood pressure and improve overall cardiovascular health, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many benefits to interacting with animals, but their main purpose is simply to brighten our clients’ days.

Previous clients have found the relaxing motion of stroking puppies to be comforting when they’re at their most stressed. Though pet therapy is not an adequate way to tackle diagnosed mental illness, our clients have all found themselves feeling more relaxed after a session.

Book one of our amazing litters for your pet therapy event today and relieve that stress!


Check out our range of puppy, kittens, and farm animals which are all available to hire for pet therapy events.

Note: At Urban Paws UK we are committed to treating every animal in an ethical and responsible way. Please get in touch for more information on how we put pet care first.


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