Urban Paws Pet Influencers

What Are Pet Influencers?

Pet influencers are the hottest new social media trend, with millions of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter users engaging with their content every day. They’re famous pets; usually (but not always) dogs or cats that share funny, cute, or informative posts covering a range of topics.

They typically have thousands of followers and can be categorised as nano (1k – 10k), micro (10k-50k), macro (50k-1m), or mega (1m+).  These pets aren’t just cute, though; they mean big business for their owners. You need only read this article to see the lucrative value of the most successful ‘petfluencers’.

The term ‘pet influencer’ can also be synonymous with ‘petfluencer’ and ‘cat influencer’, ‘dog influencer’ etc.

It’s not just pets and owners that have taken advantage of this profitable concept, as companies large and small have noticed the growing value in not just human social media influencers, but also pets. You will regularly see organisations like TikTok and Warner Bros partner up with the biggest petfluencers, using discount codes, paid product placements, and giveaways to deliver powerful ‘influencer marketing’ campaigns.

Increasingly, well-regarded fashion houses have collaborated with stylish pets, signing brand deals that pay them for each post, tweet, or status. In our vast experience putting these companies with only the best influencers around, we’ve seen amazing results in terms of brand engagement, awareness, and sales. See our case studies page here for more details.

So why use pet influencers? Sure, they’re cute, but what else do they offer? Well, for starters, unlike us mouthy, opinionated humans who can easily go off brand with one rogue tweet, our lovely pet influencers are always on brand and will never offend! Just as importantly, where human content creators draw in a subjective audience, adorable pets sit well with just about everyone and reach a far more universal group of people.

At Urban Paws UK we realise how important assigning the right pet influencer to the right job is. We have years of experience identifying which of our amazing animals is best suited to each campaign, be that in terms of follower count, the platforms they use, or any specific skills. All of our influencers are impressive at-home marketers, though some offer specific services such as a focus on promotional tools, post-production and effects, high-end photography, videography, mixed-media, and much more. We recognise the value of each one of our influencers and help to deliver the correct content creator to meet our client’s needs as quickly and robustly as possible.

We sign pet influencers from every corner of the globe, extending our reach and allowing us to cater to the needs of clients worldwide. Whether you’re a new business looking for a nano pet influencer to advocate your brand, or a conglomerate looking to promote a specific product using the might of a mega petfluencer, we’ve got the animal for you.

We are proud to offer only the best animal talent, defined by their substantial market reach, influential opinions, and sublime content. Millions of potential customers are waiting to see your product or service for the first time through the untapped well of exposure that is pet influencer marketing.

Get in touch today to find out more.

Note: At Urban Paws UK we are committed to treating every animal in an ethical and responsible way. Please get in touch for more information on how we put pet care first. 

The different types of pet influencers

At Urban Paws UK we work with bloggers, vloggers, and social media content creators.

With these talented pooches, felines, and other species, we facilitate the creation of powerful media campaigns, whether that be the creation of product placement posts, brand awareness through the user’s biog, discounts, giveaways, or more robust brand promotions, such as product review videos. We also look to pair up influencers and pet food brands who are a natural fit, in what we call ‘pet food affiliation.’

Sometimes our clients double up as pet models. These animals are naturally used to the camera and fulfil a double role as a model / brand ambassador. For example, we’ve had various dogs visit Google‘s head office in London to promote specific products. Of course, all of our pet influencers are perfect for modelling work, though some owners have more interest in it for their pets than others.

We divide influencers into four groups based on market reach and audience engagement. When choosing who to work with, however, it’s important to consider more than just selling rates; the awareness achieved by pushing your brand to niche markets can be exceptionally beneficial.

Nano pet influencers

As the name suggests, nano petfluencers are the smallest category that we work with. At just 1k- 10k followers, they represent a modest offering in terms of market reach.

However, we take them on as clients for a reason. We’re very selective about which nano influencers we work with, and we only feed out clients that we think are either real ‘up and comers’, or those that offer a specific service that makes them desirable for industry specific collaborations.

We understand that certain influencers focus on niche topics, such as holistic living, or food reviews, for example. In these instances, we see the value in nano petfluencers that deliver specific messages to their engaged following effectively. In this sense, we think it’s important for brands to consider their needs and not write off a potentially useful client who taps into a specific customer group, just because of their size.

Micro pet influencers

Micro petfluencers are the most common category of social media accounts that we work with. They have between 10k and 50k followers.

The average engagement rate for one post from an influencer of this category is 25% – 50%, as they’re able to communicate with their audience 1-1, not unlike nano pet influencers. Our research has shown that audience engagement tends to decrease as influencers increase their profile and hit huge numbers of followers; quite understandable as they’d have to react to many thousands of comments!

Problematically then, brands will fail to get the intimate engagement they could be looking for when using macro or mega influencers. This is where micro influencers come in. Micro influencers are a far more affordable option that can deliver effective customer engagement in a similar fashion to nano influencers, though on a larger scale.

Biog content, discounts, giveaways, promoted posts, and brand representation through grid posts are all viable tactics for micro influencers to employ on behalf of businesses both large and small.

Macro pet influencers

Now we’re getting into some recognisable names and faces.

These influencers tend to be much better known due to their very large followings. With audiences between 50,000 and 1m, they offer between 5% and 25% engagement per post. They tend to focus on one industry, whether that be fashion, entertainment, travel or so on.

Though individual engagement is lower, these highly popular petfluencers more than make up for it via raw market reach. Macro influencers can reach up to ten times more viewers than a micro influencer would. For an organisation looking for widespread brand representation to as large an audience as possible, an appropriately chosen macro influencer is an obvious choice.

Macro pet influencers are where you’ll likely start to see talent based outside of the UK. That’s not to say macro and mega influencers can’t live locally, but many are based in entertainment and cultural hubs like Los Angeles or New York.

Mega pet influencers

These social media influencers are pure superstars, nothing more, nothing less!

The criteria for being dubbed mega is to have over 1million followers across platforms; an extremely difficult goal to achieve. These celebrity petfluencers have worked hard to create a powerful brand aesthetic and perhaps more importantly, a key selling point that makes them so appealing to the masses.

It could be a penchant for pet clothes, meet and greets with celebrities, or just a unique looking animal at the page’s core. Whatever the reason for their widespread popularity, these pets are the cream of the crop and make ideal partners for brands of almost any industry.

Mega petfluencers are recommended mainly for large organisations looking to raise brand awareness to a global audience, via celebrity levels of endorsement. Alternatively, they’re ideal for campaigns aimed at promoting a specific product or service through organic posts on the influencer’s social media platform(s).

How does pet influencing work?

When you choose to partner with one of our pet influencers, you’ll discuss content and proposed channels with both us and the owner to find a strategy that works for everyone.

Regardless of the social media platform and content strategy chosen, you’ll end up with stunning content promoted on the influencer’s page. We’ve found that posing with products or services is the best way to get them noticed; some companies even opt to pay for a photoshoot for the influencer to star in.

Crucially, the product or service does not have to be related to animals to effectively influence their followers. Indeed, influencers of all sizes on our books have promoted cars, crafts, and everything in between!

One thing’s for sure; if a pet promotes a brand on social media, fans of that animal will remember that product or service. The marketing world has taken notice of the impact of pet influencers and has already started to employ them as both models and influencers to create powerful, integrated media campaigns.

Social media platforms

There are a wide variety of social media platforms to choose from when partnering with a pet influencer. Understanding which is most appropriate for your campaign is one of the most crucial decisions to make. Much of our talent only use one specific channel (i.e Instagram, for example), so your choice of partner will undoubtedly be influenced by which channels are available to them.

It’s important to note that some channels are more effective for reaching specific audiences. In terms of a younger demographic, Tik Tok has exploded with popularity, and many of our influencers are choosing to create comedic or cute content on that platform for additional views and income.

Facebook continues to perform well with the slightly older audience, though only a handful of our influencers have a presence on this platform. Twitter also offers the potential for high engagement, though as a rule, most of our influencers want to look as stylish as possible and thus use Instagram as their primary method of communication. Engaging hashtags, stunning picture and video content, business tagging, and multiple pictures per post can all be employed to create effective, far reaching content on this platform.

Which brands collaborate with pet influencers?

There is a misconception that pet influencers are only effective when promoting pet based brands. This is false.

We’ve seen pet influencers work with brands of any industry that you can imagine. Despite their products not having anything to do with pets, major corporations around the globe have noticed the value of promoting themselves to new audiences using an adorable face that is always on brand.

Urban Paws UK have worked with some of the most high profile brands today such as Disney, Samsung, John Lewis, Amazon, Vodafone, Netflix, and Dyson. If you think that your brand won’t benefit from a pet influencer marketing campaign because it isn’t pet relevant, just take a look at some of our case studies to see why every organisation can benefit from pet influencer ambassadorship.

Who is using influencer marketing as part of their strategy?

Crucially, it’s not just big name brands that are using pet influencers.

On a daily basis, we at Urban Paws UK deal with many small businesses that enjoy the benefits of collaborating with nano or micro pet influencers. Offering discount codes to an influencer’s loyal fanbase, for example, can really help to raise the profile of companies that are just starting out.

We work with businesses of all sizes and across every category you can think of, including pet products, pet food, beauty, retail, events, wellness, charity, fashion, entertainment, and many more.

How much does an influencer campaign cost?

Our marketing team at Urban Paws UK are highly experienced in dealing with the needs of both clients and our talent and this includes negotiating a price that works for everyone.

There is no standard pricing sheet as every campaign will need to be tailored to the client’s specific needs to make it as specific and impactful as possible.

Costs vary across agencies and will fluctuate based on a number of factors, including number of influencers, labour costs, influencer compensation, and extra digital spend to further promote the campaign.

Get in touch for a discussion around your needs and we can give a quote from there.


Is influencer marketing an affordable option for small companies?

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective solution that is proven to offer greater returns than other digital marketing based strategies.

It’s been proven to outperform banner ads, for example, and is fast becoming the preferred method of advertising the launch of new products.

Here at Urban Paws UK, we offer custom campaigns that give smaller brands room to make an investment without the high-level risk normally associated with TLT marketing campaigns.

There is, however, a minimum threshold that needs to be met to cover the overhead cost of running a campaign. We explain this in depth when discussing the needs of our clients with them.

How do I get started on our first influencer campaign?

Drop us a line!

When you work with Urban Paws UK, we’ll handle all of the details and the correspondence with the influencers.

First, we’ll work closely with your business to ensure that we’re choosing the perfect social media influencers for your brief. We’ll also ensure that a fair rate is established that is agreed by all parties.

Most brands are choosing to use an agency to handle the nitty gritty of influencer marketing campaigns as it ultimately ends up far more cost and time effective.


What are the steps to launching a successful influencer campaign?

We customise each campaign so that our clients can be part of the process every step of the way.

Working collaboratively, we’ll look at influencer size, post content, and past brand collaborations and share our selection with you. Once chosen, we’ll agree a price. We then will work with both client and talent to agree how exactly the campaign will be rolled out in terms of content and strategy (which platforms, essential copy specifications, photoshoots etc).

Urban Paws UK will select the right influencers, who are the right fit for your brand, to create the right content, at the right time, in the right place.

Is there a minimum number of followers an account needs to be considered an influencer?

If you’re looking to be signed on as a pet influencer, your page will need to slot into one of the aforementioned influencer categories.

While follower count is important, it isn’t the only factor that we’ll look at when considering whether to sign you up as influencer talent. Content, current engagement and the potential for growth are all essential factors that will be closely examined.

As you can imagine, a large audience is required in most cases, however, as businesses want to make an impact when partnering with influencers. Impact is measured primarily through impressions and engagements. The more impressions and engagements that you can show, the more likely we are to hire you as a pet influencer.

Note that engagements are reflective of post interaction, not overall follower count.

How can the content be authentic if influencers are being paid to create it?

Influencers don’t just promote a product; they come up with useful ideas on how to use the product or they share compelling narratives about the need for a particular service.

They key to a successful influencer marketing campaign is giving them the freedom to promote your brand in an organic, creative way. Influencers do not equal digital advertising; they are real people (and animals!) that need to be given the liberty to promote brands in a way that their followers will respond positively to.

If done right, followers will engage with the product post as they would any other. They’ll appreciate the recommendation, marvel at the suggestions on how to use it, or just love the associated imagery. The ideal is for them to engage with useful content, share it with their friends, pin it on Pinterest and come back to it later when they want to try it for themselves.

Most influencers won’t publish content that doesn’t resonate with their audience or fit their brand ideals, and no agency worth talking to will hire influencers that aren’t a good fit for a brand’s campaign.

Note that as per advertising rules, all posts must contain #AD.

Will influencers publish the content on every social media platform?

Not every campaign has content published on every social media platform. As we’ve said, some of our influencers will only have a presence on one channel.

The big ones (Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram) make up the majority of all influencer content published on social media.

However, some campaigns, brands, and influencers simply resonate better on certain channels. Discussions around client needs will lead to our marketing team to select the most appropriate influencer for you.

How much are pet influencers paid?

This might be the most frequently asked influencer marketing question, but unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer.

Every influencer is on a different rate, based on a number of factors that can vary between pets and campaigns.

Some influencers (particularly the macro and mega variety) have their own base price, while others are happy to negotiate based on the requirements of each campaign. It’s best to speak to us first about the scope of the campaign, which platforms you’d ideally like to use, and what you’re looking for an influencer.

From there, we can tailor your needs and come up with a shortlist and reach out to the influencers to discuss price.

If you’re an influencer, we will always discuss price with you to ensure you’re satisfied before we make a booking.

Who owns the content; the influencer or the brand?

Influencers retain the rights to their content, however brands can stipulate in their contracts, the exclusive rights to use said content for a certain period of time (or indefinitely).

If the contract says nothing about ownership or intellectual property rights, the influencer has the copyright on that content and all rights associated.

Urban Paws UK also includes the rights to use content to promote our business via case studies, social media posts, and past campaign blogs.

How using a pet influencer help you create awareness

Human’s love for our furry friends is greater than ever.

With millions of pet lovers worldwide, the attraction of seeing animals on social media continues to grow. Cute, fluffy and funny pets have the ability to sell a product or service through powerful content and gorgeous looks alone.

Any demographic can be targeted by selecting the correct audience. Businesses can thus promote products, brands, and services to a vast range of potential customers / users by using pet influencer marketing.

Certain research has shown that petfluencers can outperform their human counterparts! This article shows a pet influencer with an average engagement rate of 15%, whereas a human with the same follower count would usually average 10-11%. People love pet based content, and this makes a campaign’s ability to ‘go viral’ far more likely.

Our experience with pet influencers

At Urban Paws UK, we have years of dealing with only the highest quality pet influencers.

We took notice early on in the ‘petfluencer renaissance’ and have been working with hundreds of super content creators ever since. We have vast experience in supporting businesses large and small to get the most out of their influencer marketing campaigns. Take a look at our case study page for some examples.

We work with influencers of all four categories and only select the very best, so clients can rest assured that they’ll receive a professional, personal experience.

Everyday pet influencers are proving more and more popular, particularly on Instagram. The market is completely open when it comes to what products can be advertised, making pets more and more appealing to brands of all industries. As pet influencers are generally far cheaper than their human counterparts, it’s unsurprising that we’ve seen them take off in such a big way.

Influencer marketing works because the influencers are trusted, brand relevant, and loyal. We currently have hundreds of influencers on our books ranging from nano all the way up to mega. Rest assured that by closely analysing the brief and using our vast experience, Urban Paws UK will find the perfect partner for your campaign.

If you’re looking for a stellar way to improve your campaign and add an additional layer of value in a cost-effective manner, get in touch with our influencer team today.


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