Perfectly Imperfect – Animal Models with Disabilities

Our world is changing. Plus sized models, models with disabilities, and people of all creeds and colours are rightfully coming to the forefront of the modelling industry. There is an expectation to see real people with real bodies, as well as people that represent every aspect of our diversified society.

Basically, inclusive casting has become so much more important.

This new way of thinking also applies to the world of animal talent. We have seen partner organisations request animal models with disabilities more and more, and they expect talent agencies to have such models on their books.

We are determined to treat all animals equally so we created our ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ range. We may not be able to represent a diverse spectrum of race, sexuality, or gender, but we are proud to think that our disabled talent may normalise or empower people with disabilities everywhere.

What is ‘Perfectly Imperfect’?

perfectly imperfect

Froggy and Newt

‘Perfectly Imperfect’ features any and all of our animal models with disabilities. These disabilities are usually physical and require the animal to use a wheelchair or some other medical device for support.

We at Urban Paws UK feel that just because an animal has a disability, that doesn’t mean it can’t have the same opportunities as its fellow models. We look to take on any species of animal models with disabilities but – as with the majority of our models – most are dogs and cats.

Urban Paws UK is the first and only talent agency in the country to hire animals with disabilities.

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Why use animal models with disabilities?

animal models with disabilities

From a business point of view, ‘Perfectly Imperfect’ animal models can be effective at creating customer empathy. They tend to be primarily used in charity campaigns, though any brand can benefit from hiring our models.

Moreover, hiring these models demonstrates to the consumer that a company is willing to give an animal with a disability a chance. The world today is becoming a more accepting place and people generally appreciate seeing diverse and inclusive marketing campaigns, even in the world of animal talent.

Most importantly, seeing animals with disabilities helps to normalise disability in people. In the same way that casting diverse human models of different races and genders helps to make regular people feel accepted, we hope that seeing an animal in a wheelchair star in a high-profile marketing campaign can do a small part to make people with similar disabilities feel accepted.

Get in touch today to find out more about Perfectly Imperfect, or browse our whole range of models. 

Note: At Urban Paws UK we are committed to treating every animal in an ethical and responsible way. Please get in touch for more information on how we put pet care first. 



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