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Other animals available at Urban Paws UK

At Urban Paws UK we have a vast array of beautiful, well-trained, and obedient models, including domestic, exotic and dangerous wild animals for hire – all owned by qualified handlers.

We are proud to have dedicated and experienced animal bookers who can provide hands-on support throughout the booking process, helping to deliver outstanding results for all of our clients.

Do not hesitate to contact us to book any of our amazing animals for hire.

Amazing animals for hire



Birds are perfect for on set work. A calm nature and incredible intelligence enable these animals to perform technical requests with ease.
Some have the added value of flight and can heighten the impact of a shot. Birds are generally happy to be placed on people or products.
Birds are generally calm and confident creatures that are not disturbed by new environments.

Read more about our Bird models and actors here




Reptiles are peaceful and gentle creatures. They can quickly adapt to a variety of settings, especially given their heat-seeking preference. They are easily transported and relax in new environments quickly. These docile creatures will find sitting with products and being handled by models and actors effortless.

Read more about our Reptile models and actors here



Rodents and Furries

These small creatures boast a curious and eager approach on set. These cheeky critters will add a touch of cute to your campaign and add a sense of playfulness. They are easy to transport and will be willing to sit with products and models/actors.

Read more about our Rodent and Furry models and actors here




a tiger on a white background

Want to add something a little different to your advertisement campaign? Here at Urban Paws UK, we have a wide range of wild and beautiful animals that will make your campaign stand out from the crowd. This rare talent can be easy to work with and will always be looked after on set by a trained handler.

Read more about our Exotic models and actors here




Horses hold themselves with exquisite grace, and these incredibly social animals are elegant and refined. They will add elegance to your campaign and are easy to work with as they are highly intelligent.

Read more about our Equestrian models and actors here





animals for hire - farm

Farm animals are the most traditional animal you could use in your campaign. These lovable, heartwarming animals bring a sense of rustic charm to any project.

Read more about our Farm Animal models and actors here





animals for hire - tortoise

From Giant African Land snails to tortoises, and anything in between, these guys are easily the most comfortable on set as they bring their home with them! They are great to work within any environment due to their easy-going attitudes.

Read more about our Shelled models and actors here



Aquatic Creatures

animals for hire - fish

Providing a sense of tranquillity to your campaign, fish come in all shapes and sizes, and every colour imaginable. They are easy to film, and there is always a wide selection! Get in touch with our very own Nemo who will find you the perfect fishy.

Read more about our Aquatic models and actors here





Spiders and Bugs

animals for hire - bugs and spiders

Creepy crawlies can create a disarming campaign. Easy to work with and transport, these adaptive critters are great for close up film/photography and will invoke real attention and emotion.

Read more about our Spider and Bug models and actors here




This includes any animal that doesn’t fit into the above categories. Get in touch to find out if we have the animal you’re looking for!

animals for hire - misc

Other animals recent work

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