Marcel Le Corgi Stars in First Terry’s Chocolate Ad in Years

Christmas time is fast approaching, and as always, you can be sure to find a handful of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges under the tree. However, for whatever reason, the brand has been quiet in terms of marketing its products lately. In fact, there hasn’t been a major Terry’s Chocolate Orange ad campaign in ten years!

The company’s last notable tv campaign starred Dawn French and used the familiar ‘it’s not Terry’s, it’s mine’ slogan.

However, all that changed last week when the brand launched its new television advert during the Great British Bake Off ad break. Best of all, the new campaign stars one of our superb dog models; the one and only Marcel, better known as @lecorgi.

What is the new Terry’s Chocolate Orange ad?

terry's chocolate orange ad

Credit: Terry’s

The new advert focuses on iconic parts of British culture, including cheese rolling, the loch ness monster, ‘tele watching’, and the Queen’s favourite dog breed; the Corgi. It quickly skips through each scene, amusingly incorporating the famous ball-shaped chocolate, while guiding us through using the iconic voice of Brian Blessed.

Its goal seems to be to promote the chocolate as an essential part of British culture, which we definitely can’t argue with! However, it’s clearly tongue in cheek and takes an exaggerated view of British life, giving it an irreverent and amusing tone.

Our own Marcel Le Corgi stars as the ad’s closing image as Blessed proudly proclaims ‘God save the Corgis’! There’s actually only one of him, but hey, that’s the magic of the movies.

Who is Marcel Le Corgi?

pet influencer

Marcel is one of our fantastic dog models, but he’s also a macro pet influencer and runs a successful page called @lecorgi. He’s an adorable little fellow who focuses on creating exciting food, fashion, and pet-related content.

He is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi with a rare recessive gene that gives him his distinctive long hair. Our clients have found this handsome chap to be one of the best looking and best-behaved dog models out there!

This little fellow has worked hard over the past few years and has collaborated with countless impressive brands including Legoland, which he helped launch the theme park’s new mascot.

Along with work for The Crown for Netflix, Three mobile and LG, his other appearances include adverts for IKEA and Uber Eats, Madame Tussaud’s, ITV’s This Morning, and helping to open the Chelsea Flower Show alongside the Queen!

Why use a Corgi in your ad?

terry's chocolate orange ad

Corgis make fantastic dog models and animal actors. They are particularly great for campaigns that focus on a company’s Britishness, as the Terry’s Chocolate Orange ad has shown.

Moreover, they are a versatile bunch with a great temperament. A Corgi is known to be active and confident, and perfect for roles in film, television, and advertising productions!

Other classic British breeds include the Bulldog and Beagle.

Now without further ado, let’s take a look at the ad in all its chocolatey glory!

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BETC London created the Terry’s Chocolate Orange ad.

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