Urban Paws Dogs Star in Dunhill High Fashion Campaign

It’s the festive season once again, and high-fashion company Dunhill is celebrating in a suitably stylish way. The fashion house has chosen to make a splash this Christmas by launching a campaign that celebrates the relationship between people and dogs.

As you might expect, we were called upon to provide some sensational canine talent for the shoot. Fortunately, we knew just the pooches and provided Dunhill with three of our finest dog models.

What is the 2020 Dunhill high fashion campaign?

This year, Dunhill has created a series of photography and videos that feature models posing alongside gorgeous dogs. It promotes the brand’s clothing, footwear, and accessories range, using items from the Autumn/Winter collection 2020. Moreover, the campaign seeks to honour the mundane and spread some positivity during the strangest year in living memory, by highlighting the relationship between people and pooches.

Dunhill Creative Director, Mark Weston, explained, “Spending more time at home recently and as a dog owner myself, I wanted our festive campaign to portray that bond. It’s authentic and brings positivity to the every day.”

The campaign is now live and featured on the company’s home page. Check out some of the beautiful shots and videos, starring our fabulous dog models.

Ark, Princess, and Theodore are the stars of the show

Dunhill High Fashion CampaignDunhill High Fashion CampaignDunhill High Fashion Campaign

A campaign focused on the relationship between people and dogs requires the best dog models. We worked with the team at Dunhill to select Ark the Afghan Hound, Princess the Great Dane, and Theodore the Toy Poodle. This diverse mix of breeds was perfect for reflecting the diversity of the dog world, and how each of us has a favourite type of pet.

Ark’s luscious long coat was a standout on set. High fashion brands love to use the Afghan Hound breed, and Dunhill was no exception. Both Theodore and Princess offered just as much value, as the two posed beautifully alongside their human model counterparts.

Urban Paws UK CEO Layla Flaherty said; ‘it’s great to see a British luxury brand use such a diverse selection of dog models for its festive campaign. A huge well done to all three dogs who performed fantastically and have created some stunning content for the client’. 

We are incredibly proud of all three dog models.

Check out our full range of dog models available for hire or see the Dunhill high fashion campaign in action for yourself

Quote source: The Glass Magazine

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