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Urban Paws UK offers a wide range of dog breeds

Here at Urban Paws UK, we offer many dog breeds, from popular picks like Cocker Spaniels to more obscure animals like our many Mixed Breeds.

We pride ourselves on stocking the largest supply of animal talent in the country and the most eclectic selection of dog breeds.

Our most popular breeds at Urban Paws UK are below

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Afghan Hound

one of our fabulous dog breeds, the afghan hound

Unsurprisingly, the Afghan Hound originates from the mountains of Afghanistan. It is characterised by its large size and glamorous coat, which have made it popular in the fashion industry. Afghans are striking, independent, and confident dogs that will hold their heads high and walk with a powerful stride. Like many breeds, Afghans were bred to be hunting dogs, and many still undertake Gundog training to this day.

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Airedale Terrier

The Airedale is the largest Terrier, leading some to refer to it as the “King of the Terriers”. These are tough, independent, and intelligent dogs. They make excellent animal actors due to their ability to pick up new skills and take commands well, and their unique look has also seen them function as dog models. They have been particularly popular with pet care brands.




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The Akita is a well-regarded Japanese dog breed, with many visual similarities to the Shiba Inu. They are larger than their Shiba cousins and are generally loyal and affectionate. The most famous Akitas tend to have orange coats, but the breed can come in any colour. They make great models and are ideal for brand campaigns looking to hire a unique and powerful looking dog. Akitas are highly intelligent and relish a challenge.

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Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute is a strong breed with a huge, furry mane. It hails from the American state of Alaska and is accustomed to cold temperatures and snowy terrains. The Malamute makes a fantastic animal actor due to its intelligence and love of exercise. In the past, we’ve seen many of these dogs star in film and television productions looking for an impressive sledge dog.

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Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are iconic dogs that the French originally bred for hunting rabbits. The droopy-eyed and long-eared breed quickly became famous for its relaxed nature and affection towards children. In pop culture, the Basset Hound has been associated with English detectives like Sherlock Holmes, and it even featured on the packaging for the board game Cluedo. Today, Basset Hounds make excellent dog models and animal actors and are some of the easiest dogs to work with thanks to their chilled-out approach to life.

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one of our fabulous dog breeds, the beagle

The beautiful Beagle is an iconic hunter, and one of the dog breeds most typically associated with Britishness. This small dog is part of the hound breeding group and was established in England during the 15th Century. Beagles are known to be friendly dogs and are typically affectionate towards children. They prefer company and are cheerful in nature, which makes them natural animal actors, as film sets and big crowds don’t tend to bother them.

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Bichon Frise 

The Bichon Frise is a small bundle of cuteness and a popular companion dog. This adorable little pooch is recognisable for its white puffy coat and curly locks. These dogs make fantastic pets due to their playful nature and friendliness towards other animals and children. These traits also make them great performing dogs, and the Bichon is a must-have bit of talent for any brand looking to promote a campaign that makes you go ‘aww’.

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Border Collie

The Border Collie is known for being one of the most lively, fast, and intelligent dog breeds. Collies are most commonly thought of as working dogs and farmhands, but they also make fantastic animal actors. They are quick learners, and their intelligence makes trick training a far more straightforward task than it is for other breeds. This medium-sized canine is an attractive choice for more technical film and advertising productions that require a well-trained animal actor.

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Border Terrier

The Border Terrier is an adorable little dog and part of the Terrier breeding group. It is known for its distinctive “scruffiness”, including a wiry, medium-length coat. Borders are low-maintenance dogs that were bred to work well with others. They are known to be adaptable and will generally have no issues with travelling.

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Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are small dogs with short coats and big eyes. They are happy, friendly pooches that enjoy the company of both humans and other animals. They originated in Boston and are sometimes known as the national dog of the United States. These dogs are most commonly seen with their iconic black and white colouring. They are easy to train and make great animal actors, particularly in films and television programmes looking for a clever family dog.

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Boxer dogs are wonderful pooches that are as clever as they are loyal. The Boxer enjoys the company of its owner and will get along well with children. These dogs come in a variety of colours, with the most common being the white and brown variation. They boast a strong jawline and either folded or erect ears. Boxers love to pose, are full of energy, and love attention; praise and positive reinforcement is the way to get this breed to succeed.

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one of our fabulous dog breeds, the bulldog

If there’s one breed more iconically British than the Beagle, it’s the Bulldog. This medium-sized breed is part of the utility group and is defined by its gentle personality that makes it an ideal family pet. Bulldogs also boast an adorable ‘waddle’ and are very strong dogs. They are particularly popular in theatre productions such as the West End’s Legally Blonde.

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Bull Terrier

Bull Terriers are immediately notable for their striking snouts and facial shape. This is a unique animal with short hair and an extremely muscular body. Bull Terriers are some of the most powerful dogs out there, and they are often characterised as tough and hardy. However, beneath this rough exterior is a highly affectionate animal that loves its family unconditionally. They make great dog models, particularly for campaigns looking to promote strength and resilience.

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Cairn Terrier

You might recognise the Cairn Terrier as one of Hollywood’s most iconic dog breeds. Yes, it was a Cairn that originally played the role of Toto, Dorothy’s dog in The Wizard of Oz. It’s unsurprising then that the Cairn has remained a prominent figure in film, television, and theatrical productions ever since. It’s a highly intelligent breed with a great capacity for learning new tricks and a gorgeous temperament. This is a dog that wants to be part of the family and always aims to please.

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is perhaps the quintessential companion dog. It is affectionate towards everyone and anyone and is as charming as it is intelligent.  The Cavalier bears several physical similarities to its Cocker and Springer cousins, but it is notable for its smaller size and large, round eyes. Overall, this wonderful breed boasts a regal grace that makes it ideal for almost any job.

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Everyone knows the mighty Chihuahua. This tiny breed is part of the Toy group and is known for its frequent use in the media. Chihuahuas have become associated with celebrity culture, particularly after Paris Hilton cemented the image of the ‘purse Chihuahua’. In reality, these little fellas are trainable dogs that make excellent models, actors, and pet influencers.

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Chinese Crested

If you’re looking to hire a unique-looking animal, the Chinese Crested is the pooch for you! This small dog is part of the Toy breeding group and is notable for its striking appearance, including a hairless body and graceful head mane. Chinese Crested dogs are full of beans and are generally warm towards everyone they meet. Their body is thin, and they come in a wide range of colours. We recommend this breed for any film, television, or advertising production in need of an elegant star that will turn heads for all the right reasons.

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Chow Chow

This gorgeous breed is of Chinese origin and is known for its black tongue and thick mane, which give it a leonine appearance. The Chow Chow was initially used as a guard dog and hunter but became popular as a pet during the early 19th century. The Kennel Club classifies Chows as large utility dogs. They tend to be social and outgoing, but without proper training, they can be unfriendly towards people and other dogs. That’s why every Chow Chow on our books is strictly trained in obedience.

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A beautiful cockapoo against a white background

Cockapoos are a mix of the Poodle and Cocker Spaniel breeds and are often voted the most beloved Mixed Breed. They are popular pets in part due to the Poodle’s hypoallergenic fur as well as both breeds’ lovely temperament. Cockapoos are typically sweet, friendly, and loving as well as intelligent and easy to train. The Cockapoo makes a fantastic animal actor and dog model and remains a popular pick with clients.

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Cocker Spaniel

A beautiful cocker spaniel against a white background - one of our dog breeds

This medium-sized beauty was initially bred as a Gundog. The Cocker Spaniel became popular throughout the 20th century and has remained an archetypical family pet ever since. These dogs are often employed in the world of animal talent for their great personalities, as they tend to be affectionate, friendly, and trainable. Cocker Spaniels are popular with British brands and are often employed to portray house pets.

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a corgi, one of our available dog breeds

This small breed is the most famous of all the Welsh dogs. The Corgi is well-known as the royal dog breed, and they are frequently seen in the company of Queen Elizabeth II. It is well-regarded in the world of animal talent for its good looks and unique body shape. These dogs are tenacious, bold, and outgoing; traits that come across in every campaign they star in. Best of all, Corgis are naturally smart and easy to train as both dog models and animal actors. Recent years have even seen the Corgi become popular pet influencers.

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A beautiful dachshund against a white background

The Dachshund, or “sausage dog”, originated in Germany and was initially used for tracking wounded game. Since then, the breed has exploded in popularity, mainly thanks to its starring role in films like The Secret Life of Pets series. Dachshunds make excellent pet influencers as well as animal talent as people love this small breed for its long body and signature waddle. They are known to be stubborn, devoted, and courageous and require excellent obedience training. We recommend hiring a Dachshund for briefs in the entertainment industry. There’s a reason this little fella is one of the most famous dog breeds.

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A beautiful dalmatian against a white background

This spotted dog became one of the most iconic breeds of the 1960s thanks to Walt Disney Studios’ 101 Dalmatians. The Dalmatian is a medium-sized dog and is part of the Utility group. The breed has historically been synonymous with the fire service and owning one has been seen as a sign of wealth and status. They are intelligent, sensitive, and friendly pooches. Clients will find the Dalmatian’s beautiful coat to be an excellent addition to any pet photography shoot.

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A beautiful doberman against a white background

Dobermans are known to be fearless, alert, and confident. They are commonly thought of as fierce attack dogs and were originally bred for this purpose. Indeed, in the world of animal talent, Doberman animal actors often star as ruthless villains in both film and television productions. However, recently we’ve seen clients tap into the more sensitive side of this large breed, as Dobermans have been used in pet photography shoots for fashion campaigns looking to exude absolute power and style.

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French Bulldog (Frenchie)

A beautiful french bulldog against a white background

This small dog traces its ancestry back to both England and France, and in 2015, it was dubbed the third most popular breed in the UK. The ‘Frenchie’ has enjoyed extreme popularity in recent years, and many French Bulldog pet models and animal influencers have come to the forefront as a result. It is known for its cute look and small stature as well as its iconic “bat ears”. The breed is known to be sociable, friendly, and affectionate, as well as great with other dogs.

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German Shepherd

a german shepherd, one of our available dog breeds

The German Shepherd is one of the larger dog breeds and is known for its intimidating look and versatile roles as a working dog. As such, the breed is commonly used in film and television productions as a frightening guard dog. These imposing animals are intelligent, confident, and loyal, and a well-trained German Shepherd makes for an excellent dog model. The Shepherd exudes a grace that makes it ideal for pet photography shoots, particularly when promoting brands in the pet care industry.

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Golden Retriever

a golden retriever, one of our available dog breeds

The Golden Retriever was initially bred as a Gundog and is intelligent, trustworthy, and confident. In a study by Pets4Homes, it was voted as one of the most popular dog breeds in the UK. The Retriever’s beautiful golden coat and naturally kind face have made it a popular pick as both an animal actor and dog model. Golden Retrievers also make sensational marketing and public relations dogs thanks to their loving natures and beautiful smiles. We recommend Goldies for work with outdoor, pet care, and lifestyle-focused brands, though they’re a versatile bunch and are suitable for just about any role.

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Great Dane

The Great Dane is the largest of all dog breeds. It is described as the ‘Apollo of dogs’ and is famous in the media thanks to its starring role as the titular character in Scooby-Doo. In real life, the Great Dane is considered a gentle giant and is playful, friendly, and excellent with children. Danes make great dog models as they are happy to interact with people and other animals and are generally easy to train. They also make excellent PR dogs thanks to their striking appearance and natural obedience.

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The Greyhound is famous around the world for its status as the fastest breed of dog. It bears many visual similarities to the Whippet, including its long body and snout; however, the Greyhound is the larger dog. Greyhounds are thought to be some of the oldest dogs in existence, with some cave paintings suggesting that the breed has been around for over 8,000 years! With that much experience, it’s no surprise that the Greyhound is a popular pick as a dog model and animal actor, thanks to its unmatched agility and its ability to learn more advanced tricks.

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Hungarian Pumi

This medium-sized breed is a charming dog with a curly coat and a lovely smile. As you might expect, the breed originated in Hungary and was originally used as a cattle herder. These days, the Pumi’s good nature and lovely cuddly coat have turned it into a wonderful house pet, and it is often seen as a counterpart to the Labradoodle crossbreed. This sheepdog has remained popular in Europe, and according to the American Kennel Club, it is the most popular herding dog in Finland. Pumis are high-energy and intelligent and make great dog models.

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Hungarian Vizslas 

Another medium-sized pooch from Hungary, the Vizsla is a handsome devil with long ears and a gorgeous golden rust colouring. These dogs are highly intelligent and require great deals of exercise, making them great candidates for work as stunt dogs and action stars. They enjoy the company of people and can also be bred to get on well with dogs and other animals. The Vizsla also comes in a wirehaired variant, which is equally fabulous.

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Jack Russell Terrier

A beautiful jack russell terrier against a white background

The Kennel Club only officially recognised the Jack Russell Terrier in 2016. This small dog was originally bred for hunting vermin, and it is known to be brave and tough despite its small size. Since then, this little Terrier has become well-regarded on the animal talent scene thanks to its natural intelligence and endearing look. The Jack Russell is bright and eager to learn, though it can be stubborn. This means that though they’re easily trick trained, any Jack Russells looking to work will require exceptional obedience before being signed with Urban Paws UK.

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Meet the Labrador, the nation’s favourite breed. This handsome pooch is the most beloved dog in the UK for a reason; it’s kind, agile, and intelligent. This wonderful animal makes a superb dog model and actor. The Labrador can be used in almost any marketing or public relations campaign, though we’d recommend it for briefs in the lifestyle, outdoor, and pet care industries. Its excellent nature and ability to work with children make it equally viable as a public relations dog. Overall, the Lab is one of the classic dog breeds for a reason and a super choice for almost any brief.

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Lhasa Apso 

Lhasa Apso dogs boast a long coat and an even longer lifespan. This lovely dog hails from Tibet and has been bred to work as both a guard and companion dog. Lhasa Apsos love their families and will happily take commands from them, as well as other people after the right obedience training. They make beautiful dog models and have been a hit with fashion brands in the past thanks to their luxurious long coats. Stylish dog breeds are required for stylish brands!

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Lurchers are actually Mixed Breed dogs and are thought to be some of the first-ever “designer crossbreeds”. They are a cross between a sighthound (Greyhound, Whippet) and a pastoral working dog (Border Collie, Terrier). These graceful animals are known for their slender bodies and good temperaments. However, they can greatly vary in terms of size, colour, and coat type depending on what they are bred with. Additionally, they are clever dogs who pick up new skills easily and are incredibly fast. Lurchers are a jack of all trades and are ideal for work as animal actors and dog models.

Browse our full range of Lurchers


Maltese dogs are small in stature but high in value! This breed has been seen as a symbol of wealth and status, possibly due to its appealing white coat and cute looks. The Maltese has been around for thousands of years and has been owned by royalty of every century. Today, they are still seen as desirable pets thanks to their natural intelligence and responsive natures. As a dog model, the Maltese is the breed of choice for expensive brands looking to target affluent customers.

Browse our full range of Maltese dogs



Miniature Schnauzer

a miniature schnauzer, one of our available dog breedsThese little dogs are highly sociable animals that are full of personality. Miniature Schnauzers are some of the most versatile dogs around as they’re able to adapt to different situations and won’t have any issues travelling. They are tough and energetic and can be playful at times, making them perfect family pets. However, they also make solid dog models and animal actors thanks to their natural intelligence and attractive looks. Brands have found their “moustache-like” faces to be highly appealing, and they’re particularly well-suited to promoting entertainment campaigns.

Browse our full range of Miniature Schnauzers



Mixed Breed

a labradoodle, one of our available dog breeds

There is no specific look or personality trait to define a Mixed Breed dog, and perhaps that’s what makes them so popular. Mixed Breeds are as versatile as animals come and vary in size, shape, and personality. According to a study by PuppyToob, the most popular Mixed Breed dog is the Cockapoo. Indeed, the Cockapoo is our most popular Mixed Breed and the only to be given its own category. Mixed Breed dogs make excellent brand ambassadors thanks to their natural status as an “underdog”, which makes them appear sympathetic and endearing.

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Parson Russell Terrier 

a parson russell terrier, one of our available dog breedsThe Parson Russell Terrier is a very close relation of the Jack Russell; in fact, it is the conformation show variation of that breed, meaning it is bred to conform to a show standard. While these two classic dog breeds look similar, there are notable differences. The Parson has longer legs, and it boasts a body that is taller than its JRT counterpart. They are highly trainable and usually work as show dogs as well as models and actors. Some are even skilled players of flyball and other sports that require agility training.

Browse our full range of Parson Russell Terriers



one of our fabulous dog breeds, the pomeranian

The Pomeranian is similar to the Chihuahua in many ways. Both are small dogs that are part of the toy group, and both have become associated with style and celebrity culture. The “Pom” originated in Germany before being popularised in the UK by Queen Victoria, who exhibited it in dog shows in London. It is quirky and friendly and often doesn’t realise its own size. Pomeranians tend to be good with children and make great dog models, particularly when used in the high-fashion and entertainment industries.

Browse our full range of Pomeranians 







one of our fabulous dog breeds, the poodle

The Poodle originated in Germany and was initially bred as a hunter. Clients have found its curly coat appealing, while groomers have found trimming its hair into stylish patterns to be an effective way to help the breed stand out. It is now known as a style icon and is synonymous with high-fashion and a wealthy status. The Poodle is also a popular family pet thanks to its excellent intelligence, though it also makes a great animal actor due to its natural trainability.

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one of our fabulous dog breeds, the pug

Everyone knows the Pug; it’s one of the most famous dog breeds! This iconic dog is one of the largest in the toy group and what it lacks in size; it makes up for in personality! The short-faced Pug has always been a companion dog with a laid back nature. This role transformed in the 21st Century, and Pug influencers are now some of the most common petfluencers out there; even non-pet fanatics know who Doug the Pug is! Pugs can be a little stubborn at times, though they get along fine with children and enjoy company and attention. They make solid dog models thanks to their unique look and naturally friendly temperament. All of our Pugs are also exceptionally well-trained and will have no issues posing.

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The Rottweiler shares several characteristics with the Doberman. Both breeds are known to be strong, fierce, and intimidating, and both were bred in Germany. Rottweilers were initially bred to be working dogs, with their early responsibilities including pulling carts and herding cattle. While these roles slowly dissolved, the Rottweiler has consistently kept one occupation; guard dog. These dogs are the perfect addition to a film or television production requiring a frightening pooch. However, they’re surprisingly versatile and have also been known to show their cuter side during stylish pet photography shoots.

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Setters are a beautiful family of gundogs. This includes the Irish, English, and Gordon varieties. These dogs are best-known for their stunning looks. The most famous, The Irish Red Setter, is notable for its elegant mahogany coat. They make stylish dog models and have been used to promote many brands, most commonly; pet care providers. The Setter is also popular on film and television and was made famous by the 1962 Walt Disney film Big Red.

Browse our full range of Red Setters



Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is a world-famous breed that hails from the land of the rising sun; Japan. It is a medium-sized dog but is on the smaller side. However, what isn’t small is the Shiba’s huge personality! It is a natural guard dog and is very protective over those it loves. Shibas make excellent companion dogs and are naturally full of beans. As dog models, these pooches have become prevalent in pop-culture, particularly after the rise of the “Doge” internet meme. In Japan, they’ve been used extensively in film and television productions. However, brands across the world can’t get enough of these smiley, high-energy dogs. Their short coat, curly tail, and fox-like features have seen them become a hit in countless productions. Additionally, they come in a variety of colours, though their most famous variation is red.

Browse our full range of Shiba Inus


Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu is a classic lapdog with a fantastic temperament and an adorable look. It is notable for its small size, round head, and prominent eyes, and it comes in a variety of colours. The breed is quite common in the UK, and it has somewhat become one of the poster children for the Toy breeding group along with the Chihuahua and Pomeranian. Shih Tzus are famously easy to work with and are often amenable to being handled and working with children and other animals. Additionally, the breed is a dream for brands looking to groom their star and give it a stylish makeover.

Browse our full range of Shih Tzus






Siberian Husky

If you’re looking for a snow-loving sledge dog, this is the pooch for you! It is unknown whether the Husky descends from Russia or the United States, but one thing’s for sure; it loves the cold. The Husky was originally bred for pulling sledges, and it has become a common sight in films and television programmes such as Balto, Snow Dogs, and Game of Thrones. Huskies are famous for their stunning beauty, as well as their intelligence and independence. There’s no dog like them (asides from their cousin the Alaskan Malamute), and they make an excellent addition to any shoot.

Browse our full range of Siberian Huskies





Springer Spaniel

Like many dog breeds, the Springer Spaniel was originally bred as a Gundog. Breeders developed this medium-sized pooch in both England and Wales and some have reported that the Duke of Norfolk has even owned springers. The liver and white colour the breed is known for is its most popular, though the black and white and tricolours are also common. The Springer Spaniel is characterised by its love of people, making it an excellent choice for briefs that require a dog model to interact with actors. They are intelligent dogs that are relatively easy to train.

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Staffie)

one of our fabulous dog breeds, the staffy

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier or “Staffie” is known for its fierce appearance, hiding a delightful personality. They are nicknamed the “nanny dog” due to their excellence with children and their docile and gentle nature. The Staffie was ironically bred as a fighting dog, which led to difficulties in getting the breed registered by the Kennel Club. Now, however, the Staffie is seen as a wonderful family pet, while we at Urban Paws UK have top quality Staffie dog models on our books. This small breed is an excellent choice, particularly for major film and television productions thanks to its natural calmness.

Browse our full range of Staffordshire Bull Terriers 






Weimaraners are classic German dogs that boast large bodies and a short grey coat. These dogs love the company of people and will tolerate other animals if well-socialised. As animal talent, Weimaraners are fantastic. Their striking looks and love of people have made them popular as both dog models and animal actors. Additionally, their unique grey colouring is a favourite of many canine fans. It has proven so popular that fans have given them a unique nickname; “the grey ghost”.

Browse our full range of Weimaraners



West Highland Terrier

West Highland Terriers or “Westies” as they’re commonly known, are clever dogs with a strong independent streak. The breed is a common sight here in the UK and a popular pet, perhaps due to its lovely white coat. The Westie is a delightful little dog with endless personality and much potential when it comes to grooming. These charming pooches make wonderful dog models, and brands of all industries have found their photogenic faces to be the perfect addition to any campaign.

Browse our full range of West Highland Terriers




Wire Fox Terrier

The Wire Fox Terrier is one of the more unique looking members of the Terrier family. It boasts a slender build, a comparatively tall body and a long, thin snout. However, the most compelling trait of the Wire Fox Terrier is undoubtedly its ease of training. These are intelligent dogs who can pick up new skills easily and will respond well to commands.

Browse our full range of Wire Fox Terriers




one of our fabulous dog breeds, the whippet

The Whippet is one of the most iconic racing dog breeds. It is part of the Hound group and is known to relish human contact and cuddles. Some have suggested that the breed may descend from the Greyhound after Miners in the 17th Century bred it down. The Whippet is the easiest of the dog breeds in the Hound group to train, though it may still take time and determination to get it to perform tricks. Once trained in obedience, however, the Whippet makes an exceptional dog model, animal actor, and PR dog. Best of all, they get along fine with cats and dogs and are great with children.

Browse our full range of Whippets




a wolfdog, one of our available dog breeds

Looking for a dog model to double as a frightening wolf? Well, look no further. Here at Urban Paws UK, we offer both Czechoslovakian and American Wolfdogs for hire. These unique dog breeds are quite different beasts, yet they share an impressive lupine look that makes them ideal for productions looking to hire a threatening, elegant animal that can pull fierce facial expressions. All of our Wolfdogs boast beautiful thick coats and huge bodies that make them perfect for portraying aggressive guard dogs in film and television productions. Alternatively, their gorgeous looks have made them equally appealing to brands looking to hire a graceful pooch with an imposing persona.

Browse our full range of Wolfdogs


Yorkshire Terrier

a yorkshire terrier, one of our available dog breedsYorkshire Terriers are more commonly known as “Yorkies” and are another example of a prevalent Terrier breed. Yorkies are small dogs with a naturally long coat that is sometimes trimmed shorter; particularly during the summer months. The breed has become very fashionable here in the UK, and you will often see the Yorkie on the packaging of pet care and food products. Additionally, the breed is beloved for its oodles of personality; this is one feisty little ball of fur! Easily groom-able, endlessly stylish, and always adorable; the Yorkie is a fan-favourite in the animal talent world for a reason.

Browse our full range of Yorkshire Terriers





Please note: We also offer other dog breeds. Get in touch to find out more.


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