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Cats for hire at Urban Paws UK

Here at Urban Paws UK, we have a growing catalogue of superb cat models. Our cat talent is the best in the country, and we’re proud to offer an eclectic range of breeds.

Check out our library of cat talent today and pick out a beautiful kitty for your campaign or production.

Our most popular breeds at Urban Paws UK are below.

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one of our stunning cat breeds, the Bengal

The Bengal cat is an attractive breed that is known for its visual similarities to ‘big cats’ like tigers and lynxes. It is a large cat that displays many of the traits synonymous with wild cats, including its posture, athletic ability, and exotic colouring. Bengals make excellent animal actors due to their muscular bodies, and great cat models due to their striking coats, which are often spotted or striped.




British Shorthair

The British Shorthair is one of the quintessential British cat breeds. It is known for its fluffy coat and adorable eyes, as well as its pleasant personality. British Shorthairs make popular pets thanks to their chilled nature and love of affection. This lovely cat will also make a great animal actor thanks to its natural intelligence. Pair this with this medium-sized moggy’s beautiful coat, and you get an appealing bit of animal talent that is perfect for briefs that require a well-groomed cat.







Domestic Shorthair

domestic shorthairs

If you’re looking for versatility, the Domestic Shorthair may be the cat for you. It is one of our most eclectic cat breeds, with many different colours, sizes, and personalities. Domestics make great housepets, though whether they are loud quiet depends on the individual. Fortunately, all tend to be unified by a pleasant character and a natural tendency to get on with other animals and children. All of our cats are obedience trained and well-socialised, so you’ll never have to worry about them misbehaving on set.






Maine Coon

one of our stunning cat breeds, the Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is the largest domestic cat breed on our books. It is notable for its stunning long coat and ‘big cat-like’ appearance, not dissimilar to the Bengal. Maine Coons have striking eyes, pointed ears, and large bodies, while their coats tend to come in a variety of colours. Additionally, this lovely breed is known as a ‘gentle giant’ and is in many ways the cat counterpart to the Great Dane. Maine Coons are naturally sweet and a joy to have on set.






Mixed Breed 

Mixed Breed cats are the most versatile bunch of kitties on our books. They’re also the most common, with one report finding that 73% of cats in the US are Mixed Breeds or ‘Moggies’. Clients have found our moggies to be excellent models as they inspire natural empathy due to their status as ‘underdogs’. Why not combine the best traits of two or more pedigree breeds and hire one of our fantastic Mixed Breed animals today?







Persians are known for their short bodies and thick legs, which give them their distinctive stout look. They are generally friendly towards people of all ages and are mostly placid cats, though they have been known to have random bursts of energy. Persians make excellent cat models due to their expressive faces. We recommend using them for briefs in the pet care industry, in particular.








The Ragdoll breed is beloved for its stunning colouring, adorable blue eyes, and placid nature. Unsurprisingly, it has become one of the most common cat breeds in the world of animal talent. These cats are not bothered by changes in routine and are generally excellent with people of all ages.







Russian Blue

russian blue

This shorthaired cat is known for its sweet temperament and gorgeous, dense coat. The Russian Blue is a beautiful silvery grey with yellowy-green eyes. They are highly intelligent animals and will pick up training quickly, making them ideal animal actors. This gorgeous cat was once a rare sight in the UK, but it has since become a popular pet.






Scottish Fold

scottish fold

Scottish Folds are lovely cats that greatly vary in colour, pattern, and coat length. This unique cat is a charming animal who loves affection. Scottish Folds are known for their huge eyes, folded ears, and distinctive round faces! We recommend using this striking breed for briefs in the lifestyle and entertainment industries.







one of our stunning cat breeds, the siamese

The Siamese is one of the most popular cat breeds, in part thanks to its starring role in the 1955 Walt Disney film, Lady and the Tramp. The breed is known for its distinctive colouring and natural intelligence that has helped it produce many excellent animal actors. Siamese cats boast a short coat and slim body, with a unique ‘mask’ colouring on their faces. They are very trainable and are ideal for roles in the high-fashion industry, thanks to their stylish looks.




The Sphynx is undoubtedly the most unique of all the cat breeds. It is striking to look at and a rare find, particularly in the UK. Sphynxes are of course, hairless (or at least extremely shorthaired), and they come in a variety of colours. They are full of beans and love to be the centre of attention; an ideal trait for a performing cat! Additionally, this unique breed is highly intelligent and tends to get on well with both children and other animals.






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